Saturday, March 27, 2010

An AdvancedDataGrid with a built-in Column Selector

The AdvancedDataGrid reminds me of Excel but the fact is that it is no where close to what Excel does. The AdvancedDataGrid is a complex component with many different classes (AdvancedDataGrid, AdvancedDataGridColumn, AdvancedDataGridHeaderRenderer and many other) working together to render the grid. Not much effort has been put into advancing the AdvancedDataGrid and make it behave a little bit like Excel. Here is my feeble effort to make it a little bit more advanced.

I have seen the need to show/hide column of a grid in a few projects. The first time, I put a PopupDropdown with a list of columns having a checkbox next to it. The second time we had a similar need and one of my colleague challenged me with a built-in column selector inside the AdvancedDataGrid. In the end, what he proposed is what he got. The screenshot below shows the end result.

Click here for a demo
View source: Right click demo, or download from here

[Incomplete:explanation coming soon]

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